About us

As a long-running brick-and-mortar business we have a shop named Sugar and Spice based in South Wales. Established in Pontypridd since 1991, we sell dolls houses, train-sets, puppets, fantasy castles and of course houses for wanting fairies. You can find out more about our physical shop on our Sugar and Spice Facebook page.

We've been selling online under the Finding Fairies brand since mid 2016. We have sourced the best products from some amazing suppliers to bring you a fantastic collection of gifts for fairies and their fans. Some of our items are unique to us and you will find them nowhere else on the web. We also produce some personalised gifts and our own beautiful creations.

Housing Fairies

Sugar and Spice is a magical toy and gift shop. That's why we attract so many fairies to our little shop. Some of them are naughty. Some of them are lovely. But they all need homes. So please volunteer your gardens and your homes for a beautiful fairy house and a quiet but magical resident could follow you home.

Join our community

If you have a passion for fairies we invite you to join our fairy-loving community where you can share stories, pictures and ideas. If you have a precious little friend and you have built them a fairy garden or if they live anywhere inside your home, our community is the place to get new ideas and show off your creativity. Or if you want to invite a fairy in and don't know where to start, we can show you how to do it right. Follow FindingFairiesUK on Facebook, subscribe to our videos on Youtube and make regular visits to our blog.

Perfect presents

If you're looking for a fantastic present for someone who loves fairies look no further. We have something for fans of all ages. Do check out our personalised section for something they'll treasure more deeply than another gift card or bathroom set.