We have high standards for all our product lines. Although some pieces of our collection may be small, the fine details and craftsmanship involved mean a high quality premium product. Feel free to contact us for any extra information before purchase.


Where possible we will ship your order the next working day. Please allow extra time for made-to-order items. We will notify you by email when your purchases have been shipped. In the event of any issues with your order we will contact you as soon as possible so please provide sufficient contact details and check your spam folder.

You will usually be charged a shipping fee at the checkout. This is unless all your ordered items ship for free. The standard UK shipping fee is currently £2.90 and this is only paid once per order providing we can ship all the items in a standard sized package. In the event of a larger order, you may be charged for a large parcel at £4.50 per package.


We endeavour to make sure that all our product descriptions and photographs are accurate. However, if the item does not meet your expectations, you have the right to return all our products in return for a refund or an alternative item, providing you contact us within two weeks of receiving your purchase. Customers are obligated to pay return postage and packaging and return the item within 28 days. Your consumer rights are unaffected.


We follow up all our customers with emails containing promotional material we feel you would be interested in, unless and until you inform us that you do not wish to hear from us. We will never send you more than one marketing-only email in a calendar month without future consent and we promise not to spam your inbox. We will never share your contact details with a third party.


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