Frequently asked questions and answers

How much do you charge for shipping?

Most orders to UK addresses have a standard shipping fee (currently £2.90) applied. Providing we can fit all your items in a standard sized package, you'll only pay this fee once per order, so larger orders provide better value.

Exceptions include when all your items ship for free or when you place an order, which requires a large parcel. The UK charge for a large parcel is currently £4.50.

There are different rates for the rest of Europe and the rest of the world depending on weight and size of the package.

Are your products suitable for the garden?

The majority of our miniatures, houses, doors and scenics are designed for outdoor use. If it is not specified in the product description, the item may be intended for indoor use but still suitable for some outdoor use. If there is any doubt, feel free to ask for our recommendation before purchasing.

Where can I find size information for your products?

As we stock many miniature items with different scales, we try and put accurate size information in our product descriptions or photos that show the relative size.

The product I want is out of stock; will you have more stock soon?

We sell products from a number of suppliers. Therefore some product lines are subject to discontinuation beyond our control. However, we regularly have deliveries and frequently update stock so please keep checking.

What ages are your products suitable for?

We believe our products are wonderful for igniting children's imaginations and inspiring them into the garden. However, many of our houses and miniatures are delicate. We recommend adult supervision for really young children and soft handling at all times.

For those looking for toys, we point to our fun and games section. We also have a wide variety of fairy figures, ranging from ornaments to child-friendly plastic figures.

Do the doors of your fairy doors and houses actually open?

Many of our houses have functioning doors and are hollow inside. This will usually be specified in the description. If not mentioned, please assume that these doors and houses do not physically open.

Any other questions? The quickest way to get your question answered is to message us on Facebook. Between 9am and 9pm UK time, we usually answer right away.

Not on Facebook? Contact us another way.