A story from Brierley Hill

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I like to keep in touch with all my kith and kin around the country and I had a letter this week from my cousin from Brierley Hill, West Midlands that I would love to share with you:
Dear Bluebell,
Hope you are keeping well.  I have had quite an eventful week I can tell you. I was perched in my favourite place on the top of the bird house at the bottom of the garden, because as you know I am quite partial to bread crumbs.  Most of the birds that visit are very friendly but there is that one mean blackbird that just doesn’t like sharing.  So, there I was happily enjoying the view when I heard that horrible squawking sound and next thing I know he is heading straight for me. I quickly fluttered out of the way but he just caught the bottom of my toes and I had to wriggle out of my shoes to escape. I was so upset; they were my absolute favourite pair.  I was afraid to venture to the top of the bird house after that just in case that big meanie came back. Luckily for me, there is a kind lady that shares my garden and lives in the big house at the top of the garden. She would not be afraid of that big meanie blackbird. Of course, I'm very shy around those giant folk so I just wrote her a little note to see if she would find my shoes and return them to me. The next day I saw her and a young girl looking around the garden and in the bird boxes and what do you think they found them, and left them just at the edge of the bush in front of my house.
Anyway love to you and everyone at finding fairies.

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