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Buzz buzz buzzzz Lilly awoke with a jump, as Billy the bee buzzed about waking up all the little fairies. Finally the dreaded day had come after months of enjoying flying in the woods and playing amongst the flowers, it was time to go back to school. However Lilly was looking forward to seeing all her friends. 

She could hear the Old Boot School house bell ringing in the distance, starting to feel a little more excited she quickly got dressed in her new school clothes.

 When she arrived at school, the desks and chairs had been arranged outside, leaving plenty of space between each. Mrs Tinker gave out the books and pencils, and soon had them enthralled in the history of Rumpelstiltskin. 

They had delicious honeycomb and blackberry juice and for lunch, and had some free time to play in the afternoon. The day went so quickly, and as the school day ended, Lilly couldn't wait to go back to school tomorrow. 

Fairy school

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