A Winter's Tale

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Hi, my name is Bramble and today is a special day for me. Two years ago I married the love of my life, Snowdrop. I don't always show it but she is very dear to me. Of course, I've been known to wind her up with my pranks but I think she secretly loves them.

Now last year I completely forgot our anniversary, which upset Snowdrop, so this year I've planned something really special. It's taken a long time to plan. But there was much that I couldn't foresee.

Snowdrop hasn't been able to see some of our friends for nearly a year. You see coronavirus may not affect us fairies, but we may be able to spread it to those who can die from it. So the Fairy Queen has decreed that fairies must isolate too and not visit our fairy friends around the country.

Fortunately, I had managed to procure a magic mirror, that will allow us to see messages from our magical friends. I hid it in the fairy glen where we got married in the company of our friends two years ago. But yesterday, when I woke and saw the thick snow, I have to admit I was worried my plans had been scuppered.

Snowdrop absolutely loves the snow; it's her absolute favourite sort of weather. But the snow does make it very difficult to get about. And I was worried the snow would bury the magic mirror.

This morning, Snowdrop was very excited but I didn't let on. I suggested we go for a picnic in the glen, which made her slightly suspicious. 'But it's freezing cold out there' she had said as if I hadn't quite realised. But she didn't take much persuasion as it was a lovely, romantic gesture.

Today is St Dwynwen's Day. St Dwynwen is the welsh patron saint of lovers and she was our inspiration to get married. Of course I didn't tell Snowdrop that was why we were going on the picnic as I wanted to think I had forgotten our anniversary again.

We had a lovely lunch, although I have to admit, it was very cold. And then we built a snowman. As we cleared the snow, the mirror was revealed on the grassy ground below.


'Snowdrop' I said 'I love you so much. This is my gift to you. It contains messages from all our friends. Happy anniversary.'

She looked puzzled for a moment. The she began to count on her fingers before it dawned on her. She'd only gone and forgotten hadn't she. She completely forgot our anniversary.

And that dear reader is why I'm telling you this tale. And I'll never let my wife forget either.



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