Humpty Dumpty

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Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall

I once knew a boy called Humpty Dumpty who liked living life on the edge. Humpty wasn't very smart unfortunately and was always getting himself into scrapes. His parents were always worrying about poor Humpty wondering whether he would come home without any broken bones.

One day Humpty climbed up on a big brick wall. Everyone who passed begged him to come down, thinking he would fall off and hurt himself. Humpty laughed at their pleas. He stood up on the wall and walked along further and further, higher and higher off the ground.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang, the sound of a canon being fired at the castle. Humpty began to wobble. Everyone watching gasped. Humpty cried out as he lost his footing. The crowd below were horrified; staggering backwards, covering their eyes and shouting. Humpty tumbled to the ground and hitting it hard smashed into hundreds of pieces.

No one in the crowd could do anything to help Humpty. Nobody could put him back together again. But luckily, a fairy nearby overheard their cries and came to help. Unfortunately, the fairy who came to help was Dinky Daffodil, which was less good news for poor Humpty.

Dinky used her fairy magic to help Humpty Dumpty. All that was left of the poor boy began to rise into the air. All the broken pieces began to swirl. Dinky cast her magic spell to put the boy back together again piece by piece. And sure enough Humpty was made whole once more.

The crowd gasped. Poor Humpty Dumpty was saved. But Dinky hadn't quite got it right. No one would ever look at Humpty the same way again. Humpty's parents were of course grateful to have their little boy back in one piece even if his shape was slightly odd. Humpty never climbed up somewhere dangerous ever again. It was best to avoid danger altogether from now on.

And that is how Humpty Dumpty, a small human boy would spend the rest of his life as an egg,

Humpty as an egg

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