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I would like to share with you some letters from a friend of mine. I find her stories so funny though she doesn't always realise it. Her name is Tinkers and she lives in North London.

Dear Bluebell

Thank you for finding me my new home, I love it. The houses round here are all really big and beautiful but my little house is the most pretty of all. It's positioned near the fireplace in this great big house, which I share with a lovely family. They are a little strange though.

The family have a magic box, which they stare at in the evening. The box makes really loud noises and displays images of people who aren't there. It sounds odd but after a while these moving images get quite appealing and I like to sneak a peak through a crack in my door.

The little girl who lives in the house leaves sweets outside my door, which is very kind of her but they are massive compared to me. I didn't want to offend her so I brought one inside and broke it into little bits. But the very next day, she left another for me. I needn't have worried though. When her father came home and saw the sweet there he gobbled it up for himself. Well, I didn't mind. I've still got plenty left from the first gift.

Thanks again



Dear Bluebell

Things are getting even stranger around here. The family I live with seem to be getting very excited. The mother is constantly bringing home shopping and hiding it around the house.

The little girl and her older brother have each been writing a list. I don't know what this list is for but they've talked about nothing else for days. Their father keeps trying to get a peak at the list but they won't show him. But one day before the children came home from school, I caught him going through the lists they'd written. He must have found their hiding places. How cheeky is that?

Last night I opened my door as usual to a crack to watch the magic box. Only the box wasn't there. I could still hear it somewhere but in the corner where it normally stands, they'd placed a tree instead. Yes you read that right. A tree. Inside. And they even brought some snow inside. These humans are as daft as they come. What will they do next I wonder?

All my love



Dear Bluebell

I feel quite the fool but I have the strangest experience to tell you. I wrote to you a few days ago telling you how the family I live with have brought a tree inside the house covered with snow. I couldn't believe it and yesterday when I was sure everyone had left the house I snuck out for a better look.

The tree actually looks very pretty. They've decorated it with colourful balls and shiny things. And when I looked up I thought I was seeing things but there was another fairy sitting at the top of the tree. I tried calling out but I guessed that she couldn't hear so I went inside my house.

Later, I glanced out again and do you know she was still there? Well, I thought, she may be in trouble so I mustered up my courage and flew up to save her. Seeing the tree up close, I realised that the snow wasn't actually real snow but white wooly stuff. I told you these humans are odd.

I flew up higher and higher. And then I saw it. And I got such a fright. A bird hiding on a branch. I thought for a moment I was done for but the bird never moves. It was fake like the snow. So now I'm thinking that maybe the fairy up on top of the tree doesn't realise that the bird is fake and she's scared to move. So I flew up to tell her and well I never. I should have seen it coming. She was fake too. Did you ever hear of such a thing?

But I had an idea. I hid the fake fairy and now I sit where she used to. I can hide in plain sight and the family never notice. And I've got a great view of the magic box now.

All my love


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