The story of Jack Frost

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It's getting much colder now, here in my little town in Wales. There are many signs that Winter is on its way, which reminds me of a story I was once told. This is the tale of an imp called Jack Frost...

Jack frost pulls leaves from the trees

Jack Frost painting on the window
Jack Frost and the fairy queen


Jack Frost was a naughty imp,
Who didn’t like the cold,
This time of year when Winter’s near,
His temper would unfold,
Jack would wail and howl each night,
Rustling through the trees,
He’d pull off leaves and break off twigs,
Cast them in the breeze,
Jack would paint the green fields white,
Leaving paint all over town,
He’d put patterns on the windows,
And leave ice all on the ground,
This left the town folk very cross,
But Jack kept out of sight,
Nipping at their fingers and toes,
Keeping them up all night,
Now all these tricks and tantrums,
Annoyed the fairy queen,
She said 'My Jack, you are the worst,
of imps I’ve ever seen,
I shall put your wicked ways to work,
From now on every year,
You must brave the cold to tell the world,
That winter time is here.'

This is an original poem written for Finding Fairies

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