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Fairy news - competition time

Finding Fairies launched its fairy garden competition this week. Gardeners and crafters from all over can purchase a surprise kit, each of which is a unique selection of miniatures, scenics and special additions, to build a fairy garden of any size and style to impress the panel of judges. You don't need an enormous garden space or any special skills to be in contention to win first place. The panel will be looking for how you creatively use the surprise kit, the space you have and what you have available to you.

The competition runs to the 1st August to give entrants plenty of time to grow their garden should they wish to add plants or forage for nature's goodies. The top three places will win a prize and a personalised award. 

Second place awardFirst place award

In other news this week, Brits have been given the perfect excuse to over-indulge in delicious strawberries. The national farmers union are urging the British public to buy more of the fruit as sales have stalled and a large surplus of the fruit has built up. This is partly due to the number of outdoor events that have been cancelled. Wimbledon alone accounted for 33 tonnes of strawberry sales last year. The lovely berries are also usually popular at weddings. We can help British farmers by buying extra for tea and many of us will be very happy to help.

Strawberry fairy garden

In more garden-related news, a new flowery show has just been launched on Netflix. Following on from successful formats like the Great British Bake Off and The Great British Sewing Bee, The Big Flower Fight is a televised competition that could just make gripping telly. Featuring florists, landscape gardeners and even hairdressers 'fighting' it out to make the best floral displays, this sounds like the perfect show if you love flowers and creative gardening.

This week (Monday the 18th to Sunday the 24th May) is mental health awareness week. The mental health foundation raises important issues around mental health, an issue close to our heart too. Gardening and being outdoors in the fresh air is highly recommended for taking care of your mental health, which is why even in this unusual situation we believe everyone can and should have the opportunity to have a fairy garden.

Although lockdown and important virus-combatting measures continue in some form around the UK there is some positive news on the horizon as businesses start to re-open. As Finding Fairies is based in Wales our brick and mortar shop remains closed for now but our website and dispatch service continues to function so you can order all your fairy garden supplies.


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