Cactus garden beach bar

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Whilst in lockdown you may be dreaming of sipping cocktails in a beach bar somewhere. You could have a lockdown bar in your very own garden. But as we don't all have the space, this very little bar is a fun project to fetch a little laid back holiday feel to your garden.

To give that exotic feel we are going to make our beach bar in a cactus garden. Cacti are wonderfully interesting plants that are easy to care for. They are part of a group of plants called succulents. Sometimes other succulent plants are mistakingly called cactus as they look similar. For our little garden we have planted both cacti and other succulents as they work brilliantly alongside each other. You can't help but to be drawn to their unusual shapes, and as they are usually found in hot dry counties, perfect for our holiday vibe.

Plant potStacked pots

We have bought two stacking pots. You can use any pots, but I would advise shallow ones as cacti prefer shallower soil, which will hold less water. We have filled our pots with compost and added a layer of sand. They are easy to look after, but you must be careful of one thing; if they get too wet they might get root rot, so if you know its going to be particular wet, I would recommend you fetch indoors until the finer weather returns.

Cactus garden top layerCactus garden layer with fairy house

Our Cactus house is a perfect centre piece for this project with its attached deck chair and umbrella and little gecko sunbathing on the stone at the base. Firstly, plan where you are going to plant your succulents. Place the cacti and succulents of your choice in the spaces leaving room at the front of the cacti house to make your bar.

When you're happy with the positions start to put your scene together. We have used the toadstool table and chairs, for little fairy customers. Take a look at our tiny mouths to feed collection for inspiration for your fairies favourite tipples. 

Beach bar miniature

Our second layer is perfect for relaxing and catching some rays. Our naughty gnome and rock pixie love soaking up the sun. You'll find lots of appropriate miniatures in the by the seaside collection for all your fairies' beach needs.

Once you are happy where you have placed your scenery, plant your succulents and cacti, but be careful as some can be a little prickly. I've added some shells for an authentic beach feel. 

Sunbathing gnomePixie with sandcastle

Layered cactus garden

Don't forget to employ a friendly bar tender. We have lots of characters to choose from our collection of fairy figures. And there you have it, a lovely sunny beach bar for your garden.

Cactus garden beach bar


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