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Christmas hanging basket

By now you've probably made your home feel very festive and Christmassy but have you neglected your garden. You don't have to go overboard and make your garden brighter than the Blackpool illuminations. But a classy, festive fairy garden in a traditional hanging basket is a wonderful outdoor Christmas decoration that the whole family will enjoy and all your guests (if of course you are allowed any) will smile as they step up to your house.

The fairies will also love a festively decorated home of their own as they love Christmas and envy our beautifully adorned seasonal homes. You'll find a number of Christmassy fairy houses in our Christmas and houses collections. But there are a number of other important things you'll need for a Christmas fairy garden.

First of all a garden needs plants and hardy winter plants will give your garden a burst of life. You don't have to wait til Spring to exercise your green fingers. And if you have kids this is a great opportunity to start a garden project. But for those who would prefer the everlasting kind of evergreen, we sell fake miniature trees that don't mind the frost at all.

Secondly, the all important scenics that turn a plain hanging basket into a magical miniature world. I have sprinkled some frosty snow, on the top of the compost, and now of course the fairies will need a path to get to their door so I use blue stones. You'll find amazing festive miniatures on our site to complete your garden and make it unique to your household.

Empty basket conifer tree Christmas boot house Christmas basket garden Elves in a fairy garden Santa's sleigh added

These two are really happy with their new home, they just can't wait now for Santa to arrive. He can't be too far away his sleigh is parked outside in the garden. 

Don't forget to send us photos of your festive fairy gardens as we love seeing them and our aim is to build a fairy-loving fairy garden community. You may even get a special gift if we love what you've done with our products.





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