Fairy boating lake

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Make your fairy a boating lake using air drying clay, pigment and aqua magic .

This process is easy but does take patience and time.

Start by taking approx 40 grams of air drying clay, massage with your fingers and add a few drops of blue pigment and one drop of green pigment, carry on massaging in your hands until you are happy with the colour. Using a plastic rolling pin, roll out the clay to approx 2mm in depth. Gently turn up the sides of the clay shape you have made and leave to dry for 24 hours.

air drying clay and paint pigment                        rolled clay   Rolled clay 

Once your clay has dried brush a fine layer of aqua magic to seal the clay. You need to wait another 24 hrs to dry but whilst you are waiting think about how you would like to decorate your lake. I have used gold fish and water lilies which I have made made out of air drying clay. Using small amount of clay just add your pigment colours and just have fun experimenting. 

         gold fish              rocks and fish

Once your layer has dries  pour in your aqua magic up to a depth of 3 mm spread out with a palate knife. Leave to dry for about an hour when it should have started to get a little tacky then push in your gold fish, I have then added some stones to represent rocks, placing a few on the inside edge of the lake to make the perfect fishing platform for your fairy folk. Then leave to dry for another 24 hours. 

Now it time to add your boat. Pour in about another 2 mm of Aqua magic, and once the aqua has started to set a little, place in your boat, As the Aqua starts to firm, about an hour, its time to give your water a little texture and add some ripples. Using a pallet knife or similar, gently make some lines around your boat and your fish giving the appearance of movement. 

boating lake   texture water


Then just before your lake has dried solid just place your water lilies on the top. 

                                        finished lake     


 Now it's time to give your lake a home. I have used a large plant pot saucer





Using some self adhesive grass I have drawn a circle with approximately an inch left from the edge of saucer. Spread glue around the inside edge of saucer and sprinkle  gravel from our scenics packs onto the glue and this will give you a path for your fairies to walk around the lake. Then place your self adhesive grass in the middle of the saucer and stick down.

Position your lake on the grass, add a small amount of glue to the bottom of lake to secure. I have then used some foliage and hedging to place around the lake giving a natural looking edge to the lake, using a little glue to secure in place. 

I have completed with adding a table and chairs and a delicious picnic for your fairies to enjoy on their summer outing to the lake.

fairy lake


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