How to up-cycle an old welly into a fairy garden

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Autumn Fairy Garden Welly Wellington boot miniature garden

If you've got an old welly that you no longer use, maybe you've lost one in a pair or you've outgrown them, don't throw it away because there's so much you can do with the seemingly unusable, and fairies really appreciate recycling. Even if there's holes in the boot, it doesn't matter, you can use them to your advantage.

A wellington boot is a great symbol of the changing weather and Autumnal joy so when we went scouting for Autumn's gifts we couldn't think of a better way to create a seasonal fairy garden. Follow the steps or watch a video on Youtube or Facebook.

Step 1. Go into nature and source some Autumn inspiration; leaves, seeds, cones and teasels are recommended.

Step 2. Fill a plant tray with compost for the base of your indoor garden. If you're going to leave the garden outside, you'll need to make a hole in the bottom of the welly to allow rain-water to drain away.

Step 3. Fill the boot almost to the top with compost. You could plant something living in the top or as we have done place a few teasels inside and top up with compost to keep them in place.

Step 4. Place some dyed reindeer moss on top of the compost available from "Scenics" in the shop menu. We also put a washing line and a washing basket in our welly but you can use any garden miniatures.

Step 5. Attach a fairy-door to the side of the welly with some tack. Make a path to the door with one of our scenics packs or cover the compost in the tray with scatter grass. Use leaves to build up the garden but remember they won't last as long as our scenics kits or some of nature's other offerings.

Step 6. Put some garden furniture or other miniature items in your little garden for your fairy to use. The leaf patio set is a good option. Use your other sourced natural wonders to make up the rest of the garden and cover up any gaps or unsightly bits.

Step 7. Proudly display your artwork. Send us a picture if you will. Keep the garden fresh by updating it from time to time and you have a wonderful fairy home to take you up until Winter.

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