April Showers

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It's been one of the sunniest and driest Aprils on record but not everyone has been pleased. My sister April loves a warm sunny Spring but sometimes a shower is just what the garden called for.

April showers first verse

April showers second verse

April showers third verse

April showers final verse

April Showers

My sister April is a Spring fairy

She makes the garden grow

She sows her seeds

She fights back weeds

After months of cold and snow


She turns the sunflowers to the sun

She makes clematis climb

Primroses rise

Before your eyes

And daffies look sublime


Each Spring April springs to work

She loves the garden bloom

But when the skies

Turn dark she cries

The rain clouds over loom


She hides beneath the daisies

When raindrops start to fall

Aha she thinks

My flowers can drink

I love rain after all


This is an original poem for Finding Fairies

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