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I had a bit of an adventure this week. As you know I live in the toy shop, Sugar and Spice, and the shop keeper is always making us lovely new houses and places to live in. Well Tuesday night I spied a lovely new tree made with foam and lots of soft green shredded tissue paper, which adorned the top: it looked really comfy.  I flew onto the top, snuggled down and was soon fast asleep.

I woke up with a jolt. I was on the move, bobbing up and down. Cautiously I peered down and I couldn’t believe it, I was on the top of a child’s head.  I quickly hid down in the tissue.

By the time we had stopped moving I felt quite queasy. Taking in my surroundings, I found that I was on a table in a human’s house. I hid in the tree until they went to bed. I looked all around the house but could see no sign of any fairy kin, or anywhere suitable to live, so in the end I flew back into the tree and found it hard to fall back to sleep from wondering how I was going to get home to my safer places in the toy shop.

However, I must have fallen back to sleep because the next thing I knew there was a deafening noise of shrieking and laughter. Trembling, I peered out of the tree and I could not believe my eyes, there were lots of children everywhere, wearing some very strange things on their heads – rabbits, chicks, pirate birds, flowers and feathers but no one was wearing a tree!

All the children began to walk around in a circle, including the child that I was sat on top off, and by the time they stopped I was really quite giddy.

At last the tree was placed on a big table, and I quite enjoyed the rest of the day watching the children play, while the grown-up human in the room told them (and me) all about Easter. In the afternoon, the children were given eggs but instead of eating them, they painted them in bright colours. A few girls came running over to my tree and painted little fairies on their eggs.

Then a loud bell was rung. My tree was grabbed by the child who had brought me to this strange place who then run out of the room to the female human waiting at the door. “Mam, Mam, look I won, I won,” the child shouted, excitedly, while waving a massive chocolate egg about. “Can we go back to the toy shop now before it closes and show my prize to the shop keeper? And Mam can we buy a fairy house pleazzze! “

And that’s how I found myself back at my home in Sugar and Spice where I could play safely and enjoy all the wonderful toys once again.

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