Hijinks with Bramble

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Today is Bramble’s favourite day of the year. Not Easter Sunday, but the great day of pranksters April Fools’ Day. Bramble loves nothing more than a trick or a hoax and he’s been saving up a few for this rather special occasion.

This morning he woke early and went off to the house where our friend Lolly lives. Now, Lolly was also really excited for this morning. The Easter Bunny had been over night and left out chocolate eggs for the children. Last year Lolly had managed to hide away enough chocolate to make even her sick.

Bramble got to the house before anyone, fairy or human, was awake. And as expected found a large stash of eggs on the table. With no time to lose, he took the eggs one by one and hid them in various cupboards. And then he waited.

And when he was thoroughly sick of waiting, he went and knocked on Lolly’s door to wake that lazy fairy up. And then he went back to hiding just before the door opened and out come Lolly with a huge grin. Sadly her grin faded when she saw no chocolate eggs to speak off. She rushed around frantically trying to find them.

The children would be very upset when they woke to find the Easter bunny hadn’t been, she thought. Then she heard a giggle and turned to see a cheeky intruder fly off. And suddenly she knew that someone had played a naughty trick.

When Bramble got back home, he found his wife, Snowdrop hadn’t yet woke. He had another sneaky idea. He took some fake snow he had stashed from the fairy garden where he used to live and spread it around the windows of Snowdrop’s house. He then went in and woke his good wife throwing the fake snow around.

Snowdrop, of course loves the snow and had been hoping that the last snow of the year had not fell. She rushed out excitedly but once again a delighted grin faded away and another fairy was disappointed. Bramble giggled and Snowdrop turned and gave him a hard stare.

The cheeky fairy decided he would give his wife a wide berth until she calmed down.  He flew up into his tree at the bottom of the garden and after a while drifted off. It had been a busy and productive morning but when he woke up it was afternoon.

He was hungry and flew down to the garden to pick some vegetables. He was looking for those that were ready to eat when suddenly he heard a noise. He turned and saw a big fluffy rabbit staring at him. Naturally he was afraid but he found himself rooted to the spot.

“Bramble” the bunny said. Well Bramble was shocked. He’d never heard a bunny speak before. “You’ve been a naughty fairy and you’ve upset your friends.”

“I’m.. I’m sorry.” Bramble replied.

“You must promise to mend your ways or you will be sorry.”

“I will. I will” the poor frightened fairy promised the rabbit. Now, I don’t know if Bramble genuinely meant what he promised but I know that he was certainly terrified by this menacing bunny.

“Do you promise to say sorry to your friends and your wife?” the rabbit asked. Bramble promised to apologise and swore not to play any more pranks. Suddenly the bunny jumped and Bramble leapt out of his skin, flying up to safety. And as he flew he could distinctly hear the high-pitched giggling of two fairies coming out of their hiding place. He had definitely had a taste of his own medicine.


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