Fairies in the Park - August 8th charity event

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Fairies in the park Pontypridd August 8th

Nestling in the Welsh town of Pontypridd there is Ynysangharad (un-iss-ang-ha-rad) War Memorial Park, the jewel of these valleys. Within this beautiful park there is a well kept secret, a magic village in a sunken walled garden, within which there is a thriving community of fairies. Now, for the first time ever, those visiting the area, have a chance to see the fairies for themselves.

Traditionally, these fairies are very shy folk but they do absolutely love bestowing wishes on children. They have heard through the fairy grapevine that there is a fantastic charity called Dreams and Wishes that make wishes come true for special children. So, they have decided for just one day on Wednesday 8th August to lift their magical veil from their village in the sunken garden and let you all take a peep.

Through our contacts in the fairy world, Finding Fairies has learned that the fairies will be granting wishes to those who come and see them. In return, all they ask is that the visitors give a small donation to the charity. If you can’t make it to this event but would still like to support the fairies in their quest you can donate here.

Ponty’s fairies often pop into town. They particularly love the historical indoor market which has been running for 145 years and there are a few fairies that even live there. We have organised a free fairy trail, to help fairy loving families find clues and spot fairies in the town, starting at the fairy village and ending at the famous market. Those who are lucky enough to find the fairies and finish the trail will be granted fairy wishing dust to help their wish come true.

To make our fairies feel more relaxed, and increase your chances of finding them, it would be great if you could dress up as fairies, pixies and elves. We have some prizes for the little boys and girls who are dressed to impress, so make sure you bring your camera’s (or phones) and share those pictures of your little adventurers in their special outfits, following the fairy trail or visiting the fairy village.

Please use the hashtags #fairiesinthepark #tylwythtegynyparc and #pontyfairytrail when talking about this event on social media or sharing pictures so that we can all share this wonderful experience that the fairies offer and help raise awareness of this great charity.

Trolls on the tram

Trolls climb on top of the coal tram in Ynysangharad Park

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  • I took my children (aged 3 and 8) to the fairy trail and they loved it. The organisers put so much effort in and should be applauded. I hope they raised plenty of money.

    Lexy on

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