Great gift ideas for fairy lovers

Posted by Gaynor Wood on,uk was established to collate every wonderful object a fairy lover could want and of course provide the fairy community with lots of love. In this post we list five great gift ideas for children and adults who favour the fairy kind.
Fairy ornaments for older children and adults
Our mystical figurines start at £6.99 and include angels, unicorns, dragons and of course fairies. These beautiful ornaments inspired by the magical and fantasy realm are wonderful gifts that keep on giving. The stories that they tell and the worlds they create in the imagination are as impressive as the sights they create in your home.
fairy with unicorn fairy with flower
These pretty figurines would appeal to fairy lovers of any age 
Fairy houses for starting or growing a fairy garden
Whatever your age you're never too old to enjoy a fairy garden. Creating a magical world in your own backyard appeals to every generation and is often something that can be undertaken together by a family. Helping children to learn about gardening and giving adults a rewarding new hobby, the best way to start a fairy garden is by placing a new home in your garden and waiting for a magical visitor to move in. 
fairy houseAcorn houseMerlins magic fairy houseChristmas fairy tree house
Here's just a few houses from our enormous fairy home collection. Once you've started your fairy garden you can grow this little world over time with more fabulous houses, amazing miniatures and special scenics.
Fairy cushions and lamps
In our For the Bedroom collection you will find great gifts for those who dream of fairies. These fairy night-lights are a great gift for children who are comforted by our magical friends. They are battery operated, easy to put up and switched on with a light press. We also have cute fairy cushions to match, a lovely look in any bedroom.
fairy night lampfairy cushion
Fashionable handbags and prints
Those who love artwork featuring fairies will love the lenticular designs by artists such as Ann Stokes. These stunning images with an amazing 3D effect produce prints that seem to leave the frame and handbags that really stand out.
Fairy Handbag
For beautiful art that will bring magic to the walls of your home search among our pictures, which also includes crystal art kits. These crafty projects are fantastic gifts for artistic people who may not have artistic talent; amazing kits that combine a new hobby with a beautiful picture that you can hang on your wall.
Pretty fairy figures for various ages
Fairy princess
We love fairies. Fairies in the garden. Fairies in the home. Fairies for play. Pretty fairies to look at. Our large range of fairy figures includes all manner of magical people; some for fairy gardens, others for making the home look beautiful.
The collection includes ceramic and plastic figures to cover a multitude of ages and purposes so whatever kind of fairy lover you are seeking a gift for we may have the answer.
Our range of gifts cover most ages and all kinds of people. Whatever the relationship, we hope you will find something that conveys your love. Nothing does that more than showing thoughtfulness. You could try making them a gift with your own hands. Follow our crafty blog (You can use the RSS feed to get ideas on fairy gifts you can make.

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