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Posted by Gaynor Wood on

Finding Fairies is currently still trading and offering free content on our website.

In this very difficult time we hope that all our followers are staying safe and that you are well. The Covid 19 outbreak is causing massive disruption for many businesses and of course their customers.

However, we at Finding Fairies are currently still sending out fairy homes and fairy garden supplies to our customers, many of whom face the daunting prospect of not being able to leave their homes and gardens for some time. We hope that we can offer some great ways to pass the time whether that's with creative gardening ideas or with our blogs and social media content.

Our physical shop in Pontypridd and our shipping operations are for the time being still in operation although we continue to follow the latest advice and government guidelines.

During this worrying time for businesses, we encourage everyone to support small to medium sized businesses as much as they can. Whether that's doing your food shopping at your local instead of the big supermarkets or ordering items from independents online. As a small family business ourselves we appreciate your continued support.


The Finding Fairies team

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