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In these difficult times we do our best to bring you some positivity. Finding Fairies brings you content to put a smile on your face.

Wednesday was April Fools Day and one of the most popular pranks played on children was telling them they had to go back to school. Most children have been homeschooled since the coronavirus forced the government's hand but this week many of them were tricked into putting on their school uniforms. At least one parent drove his child to the school gate before revealing the prank.

You'd think they'd be glad to get out of the house. Luckily, Finding Fairies has a few tips on how to keep them entertained and learning whilst stuck at home. We are encouraging parents to teach their children about gardening and offer some advice in our crafty ideas blog. This is also where you'll find other artistic projects that will help break up their time inside.

A town in North Wales was overrun by goats this week. As strange as it may seem, the outbreak has had some funny consequences, including this odd story about the town of LLandudno. The goats usually live in the Great Orme country park but due to the lack of people and cars they have confidently taken over the streets.

In a similar story, a herd of deer have been filmed on a housing estate in East London. It seems that nature all across the UK is reclaiming the deserted urban areas where people would normally be. It's great news for fairies also who can be far more confident without humans around.

The Queen of the United Kingdom will address the nation in a televised broadcast this Sunday, it has been announced by Buckingham Palace. It is very unusual for the Queen to make these speeches and of course the reason for the address is sadly the horrible situation the country finds itself in. But many of her majesty's subjects will welcome reassurance from the monarch and be pleased to hear her words on the virus.

In these troubling days, it is good to see many people pulling together and helping the community. People have been volunteering to help out their elderly and vulnerable neighbours who are self-isolating. And there are many positive stories of free classes and entertainment being offered online. Some musical stars such as Elton John, Billie Eilish and Mariah Carey have even live-streamed concerts from their own homes.

Last weekend we launched our community blog. We are looking for our fans to contribute ideas and stories to keep the fairy loving community in good spirits whilst isolating. You don't have to be an experienced writer or particularly good at grammar. We just want articles that others might find interesting, which you can email to us.

Stay safe and keep positive.

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