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Today is known as Good Friday and we deserve some good news.

Whilst people are in lockdown, yet another story emerges of animals acting strangely whilst taking advantage of the lack of crowds. At the beginning of the week, lambs were spotted playing on a roundabout in an abandoned playground. This strange sight was filmed by Debbie Ellis from Preston. But just a day later more ovine news came about and it seemed it's not just young sheep that like to play in the park. In a play area in Raglan Farm Park in Monmouthshire a flock of sheep were seen having fun and again riding the roundabout.

In further animal news, two giant panda's in Hong Kong have mated for the first time in over ten years. Staff at Ocean Park have been hoping for a baby panda for some time and now all fingers are crossed that the female panda is pregnant. Pandas are classed as vulnerable to extinction but happily conservation efforts mean their numbers are rising.

It was announced this week that Children in Need and Comic Relief will team up later this month to create a big night of entertainment. It's the first time that the two BBC hosted charity telethons will work together to put on an evening that raises both spirits and money for a good cause. This special occasion is of course in support of those affected by Covid-19. 

This Easter weekend, the temptation will be to travel around the country but there are many enjoyable activities that can mark Easter whilst observing the lockdown rules. For example, you and your children could make a collage or craft project. Another nice idea is to have an Easter egg hunt in the garden but if your children don't have eggs to find you could hide fairies.

We've been enjoying this lovely weather and making the most of it by working on our gardens. You will soon be able to see the fruits of our efforts as we post pictures and document our garden work in the community blog. We'd love to see your gardening stories too. Share them with us and we could add them to the blog.

We received our first blog admission from a finding fairies fan this week. We highly recommend Life of Puppy by Jenny, a very entertaining read. This short story has fairies, humour and surprise. Keep sending them to us.

Have a great Easter

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