Happinews - April 17

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Breaking fairy news

The people of Clydach Vale have been showing their appreciation for key workers by building a 'pathway of hope' from painted pebbles. The colourful stones can be found alongside a lake at Clydach Vale Countryside Park. A beautiful haven for wildlife in an area that was once blighted by coal-mining, the beauty-spot is a popular route for walkers taking their daily exercise amid the coronavirus lockdown. The Finding Fairies team added their own painted stone to the path to show their support for vital workers.

Adding our stone to the path

Happy by Pharrell Williams has been revealed as the most played song of the last decade. Scott Mills counted down the top 40 songs played the most in the UK between 2010 and the end of the decade for a special Easter Monday show on BBC radio 2. There were quite a few surprises on the list including songs initially released earlier in the 2000s.

An 85 year old grandmother has been dubbed Granaldo after footage of her footie skills circulated the internet. Violet Slater from Shropshire has been impressing with her trick-shots from her wheelchair and her trademark 'Ravenelli' goal celebration. Gary Lineker is reportedly among her legions of fans who have seen her videos since her son shared them online. 

Violet is not the only pensioner to make the news this week. Undoubtedly the hero of the week is Captain Tom Moore who as of today has raised over £19m for the NHS and that figure is set to continue rising. Yesterday the 99 year old veteran completed the 100 laps of his garden to a guard of honour from the 1st Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment but he has since said he will continue to walk to raise even more money.

The war veteran has received high praise from the Prime Minister and members of the royal family including Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, as many have called for Captain Tom to be given a knighthood. It could be a very well deserved birthday present for the man who celebrates his 100th birthday later this month.

The long spell of lovely sunny weather we've had recently seems to have ended for now but this is undoubtedly good news for the plants and wildlife who will be grateful for the much-needed rain. Children may have to entertain themselves inside this weekend but you may wish to read the blogs at Finding Fairies for inspiration before the sunshine returns shortly. You may even fancy a go at writing your own blog. Send them to Finding Fairies so we can share them in our community blog.

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend

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