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Every generation in my family has been working on their gardens during this lockdown. I recently told you what I've been up to and I shared a photo of my great-nephew in his garden. Now I'd like to share a fantastic project from my grown-up daughter. Here is her blog entry she sent me.

Before and after

When I bought my house the fist thing I noticed about my garden was as you climb the steps to get out there, there was a rockery section built into the wall. It was always my plan when the Summer came around to plant some pretty flowers and herbs and make this section pretty, however I came to realise that no matter what time of day it is that section of my garden never ever has any sun! no matter what. So I gave up on the idea of planting anything there.

Since isolation that section has been bugging me more and more, so I decided to give it a bit of a spruce up without planting any flowers. The first thing I did was give the neglected wall a bit of TLC with a fresh coat of Masonry paint. I had some plant pots from other plants that I had planted previously. I cleaned these up and gave them a lick of paint. Using some stencils and paint that I had bought to do the inside of my house, and some extra glittery paint.


I covered them with a layer of vanish when I was done just to seal it in and make them weather proof. I filled the pots with sand instead of soil to weigh them down, and not to waste any soil since it seems to be like gold dust nowadays! I bought some fairies and pretty bits from Finding Fairies and placed these in the pots instead of flowers.


I then used some of my old rocks that were there and painted them again with the left over paint I had from when I decorated the inside of the house. These paints are waterproof so should hold up against the weather for quite some time.

I scattered these rocks back into my rockery which helped brighten up the whole section. Now all finished I don’t need to worry about the sunshine not reaching it, I have brightened the section up nicely without a single plant.

My own sunshine 

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