The story of Miss Boot and Mrs W Can

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Another brilliant story from community blogger Jenny. Read her first story Life of Puppy here.


Once there was a fairy called Miss Boot. Miss Boot loved all things yellow. She lived in a yellow house, she had a yellow garden and she grew yellow flowers all around her little house. She loved Yellow like the Sunshine.

Miss Boot's yellow garden

Her neighbour Mrs W. Can loved all things blue. She lived in a blue house, with a blue garden and wild blue flowers surrounded her home. She loved blue like the Sky.

Mrs Can's blue garden

The fairies often chatted over their garden fence trying to convince each other than their colour was best, but no matter how each fairy argued their case, the others mind was never changed.

Fairy neigbours with blue and yellow gardens

One night, Miss Boot gets a cheeky idea. She decides in the dead of night, she will fly over the garden fence and secretly plant her yellow flowers in her neighbours garden. That will settle things once and for all!

However Mrs W Can, had an equally naughty idea. She decided that she would get up super early and flutter over into her neighbours garden before the sun rises and plant her wild blue flowers, and finally she would prove that blue was superior.

At high noon the neighbours met by the garden fence, both smiling at what the other did not know. As always, in the fairy kingdom at midday the fairies sprinkle their magic dust around their Garden, to make the flowers bloom. WHOOSH -  on both sides of the fence something magical happened!

Blue and yellow pansies

Up popped a new bushel of flowers, that were both Yellow and Blue. Miss Boot looked up at the wonderful mix of colours, reflecting sky in her garden.

A splash of blue in Miss Boot's garden

At the same time Mrs W Can peered at the wonderful mixed bouquet, reminding her of sunshine shining down on her house.

Yellow in Mrs W Can's garden

Both fairies sighed contently and appreciated the beauty that had been created.

Smiling across their gardens they agreed that both colours were equally beautiful, but even more so when they mixed together. And so the neighbours removed their garden fence, and hence forth became best friends, knowing that true magic happened when they were together. 

Blue and yellow garden fairy neighbours

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