Life of Puppy

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A brilliant story written and sent to us by Jenny, our first Finding Fairies community blogger. Email us your contributions, any genre, real or fiction, and you could be our next feature.


Life of Puppy 

It’s an important job being a puppy. I protect my human family from all invaders. Its my job to chase away the bad guys and keep our garden safe. My family is small and perfect, and they think I am perfect and must miss me a lot because the last few weeks they have all been home all the time to play with me. I think they just missed me too much when they went away. There’s Mammy human who loves the garden. She spends loads of time out there, pouring liquid on to the green things. I sometimes try to bite the liquid as it falls through the air, but haven’t managed to catch it yet. But I’m sure I will one day! There’s Daddy human, he spends most time inside by the picture box. Sometimes fun sounds come out of the box and then funny sounds come out of Daddy too. I think he is trying to sing along to the noise. I bark and howl with him to help him stay in beat. Last but not least. there is Little human. She is my favourite. She jumps in puddles with me when its wet, she cuddles me when its cold, and she helps me chase my tail.

No one gets to hang out in my family’s garden without passing my inspection first. In fact there was only one who has ever managed to meet my approval. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in my post for guarding the garden, laying out on the patio, my paws outstretched in the sunlight. Close enough to the door to keep an eye but I left just enough space my little human to get passed inside the house. Mammy had just finished pouring the magic liquid, Daddy was making fun sounds and Little Human was asleep on the big chair. In between Daddy’s singing I heard a little giggle. I looked over to little Human, she was still asleep.


I jump to attention, BARK BARK BARK. No stirring from the family. I knew this was down to me. I sniff along the patio, My ears prick up and I hear a funny sound, like fluttering of wings.. my head down to the ground, sniff sniff sniff, and in the corner of my eye I see even tinier human! But not like my humans, this one had big wings fluttering from its back. BARK BARK BARK. Tiny human jumped when she saw me, but did not run away, not like when I bark at the pesky squirrels. They run away straight away. This tiny human was brave to face me. ‘What are you doing here! This is my family’s garden!’’ I cry. Tiny Human smiled and came closer so her tiny hands were almost touching my nose. ‘I’m flower fairy’ she said in a soft voice. I jump into gardens and spread magic dust to help the flowers grow big and bright.’ She then leapt up on to the plant pots and threw sparkly dust over green things. They opened into such pretty colours, yellows, blues, and pinks. They don’t do that when Mammy pours the magic liquid, but the magic dust was making the flowers dance. I know the pretty colours would make Mammy happy so I allowed Tiny Human to jump from pot to pot spreading her glittery dust.

When she had finished, the garden was more colourful than I had ever seen it! Tiny human came back to land in front of me and laid her head against my nose. She smelled pretty like the pretty colours all over the garden. ‘Thank you puppy’ she said in her tiny voice. I turned to call my family, BARK BARK, to show them the garden! But when I turned back, the tiny human had gone.

No pesky squirrels are allowed in my family’s garden, but the flower fairy, she made my family so happy, she can come back any time. Puppy’s Seal of Approval!

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