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It's the time of year when children usually enjoy making their Easter bonnets and craft projects. These ideas can be copied at home to make fantastic Easter projects. If you need any extra bits that you can't get because you're self-isolating, send us a message on facebook and we can send them to you or take a look at our Easter kits: https://findingfairies.co.uk/collections/leap-into-spring/kits

Fairy collage

This toadstool house collage is made mostly from foam, felt and materials you may have in your craft box. A fairy is going on an Easter egg hunt in her fairy garden.

Fairy toadstool collage

First I cut out my pieces and arrange them how I like them. I can glue everything down once I'm happy. I started making my toadstool using a ten pence piece to cut out circles of white felt for the spots.

Toadstool felt Cut circles Toadstool made from felt

Next I make the fairy door, cutting a frame and doorknob out of felt, a letterbox from card and adding a flower from my craft box. Then, I make some felt chicks with googly eyes.

Fairy door felt Felt chick

I'm now going to make a felt tree. I cut out leaf shapes from green foam or you could use green card. A good tip is to score a pattern into them using a scissors to make them look more leaf like, but it's best left to the grown ups.

Cut leaves out of felt felt tree

Finally, I make my fairy. First I draw her on some card and cut her out. I cut out pieces of foam in the right shapes and some string for her hair. And for the final touch I give her a basket to collect eggs.

Draw and cut fairy Felt fairy Toadstool house

Fairy tree

This fairy tree is also an Easter bonnet. I've used a straw hat as my base and made my tree using shredded tissue and foam. It makes a wonderful Easter bonnet for the Easter parade.

Fairy tree Easter hat

First I draw around two different sized plates to make a green ring. I glue this to the rim of my hat and then glue shredded green tissue to it to make the grass.

Draw around a plate Easter hat craft

I use brown foam to make the tree. I staple two pieces together to make it long enough to go around my hat. I make branches using my leaf technique I mentioned earlier and staple them in place. Then I glue the whole tree in place. I'll have to leave the glue dry before I add the fairy door, chicks and bunnies.

Tree trunk hat Felt leaves Branches felt

I stuff the tree with some spare tissue paper (you can use newspaper or anything light you have to hand) and then glue some more green shredded paper to the top. I make a fairy door and glue it to my tree. And use stickers for the finishing touches.

Tree hat with nest Felt fairy door 

Fairy hats

Tissue paper collage

You can make a fluffy bunny or a chick using this crafty technique. I've made an Easter bunny surrounded by the thicket.

Easter bunny collage

First of all, I collected some sticks from my garden. I lightly draw the outline of my bunny on a piece of foam and then position the sticks how I want them. Once I'm happy, I glue them in place. It's a bit messy but I'm not too bothered about how it looks at the moment.

Bunny outline with sticks Sticks glued

The next step is to spread some glue inside the outline of my bunny making sure to cover the space around the sticks. It doesn't matter if they move slightly as the glue will dry eventually. I decide which sticks will be hidden behind the tissue and which will climb over the tissue to put my rabbit in the middle of the thicket. It's a good idea to do one bit of the bunny at a time.

Glue spread for collage Tissue glued

I rip up and rumple some pink tissue. Then gently put the pieces around, under and over the sticks until the bunny starts to take shape. It might be a bit fiddley and messy but bit by bit, the collage comes together. I cut a tail out of white felt and glue that in place too.

Bunny collage Bunny tail glued

Now I glue some butterflies and flowers to my collage. I take advantage of some odd blobs of glue that fell outside my bunny outline. I attach some pieces to the sticks and some onto the foam. I glue on some carrots for my bunny to be after. And then I cut out some leaves to turn my sticks into living plants.

Butterflies and flowers added to collage Easter collage leaves added

Finally, I add a googly eye and a little felt nose and my collage is complete. All I have to do now is wait for the glue to dry. When you have kids this might be the most difficult part as we have to wait to make sure it holds together.

Easter bunny collage

You can make lots of collages using this technique. If you or your family make any crafts for Easter we'd love to see them. Send them to us on facebook.

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