Turning misfortune into opportunities

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Transforming into tiered garden

In many ways now is the perfect time to do the garden work you've been putting off. Many online gardening sites and hardware stores are still delivering and you can still get garden supplies from some supermarkets whilst doing the weekly food shop. And of course, we are still delivering for fairy gardens, to offer you fantastic ways to add magic to your gardens. A great incentive to spend valuable time in the garden whilst confined to the home. 

After a horrible period of wind and rain comes to an end and Spring emerges at last, I finally stepped out into my garden and taking a look around I noticed there are plenty of things in need of love, care and attention. I spied a broken pot, the casualty of Storm Denis and just as I was about to sweep into the bin. a thought came to me. Could this seemingly useless waste make an interesting project, particularly as I was now confined to home and garden by covid 19 restrictions? Could I yet turn this unfortunate damage into an opportunity?  

It's surprising what you can find around the garden that you can utilise; I still had some chippings spare which I had used as an edging in the rock garden and a few pebbles collected last summer. So I decided I would make a layered fairy garden. My first job was to decorate my pebbles, I have painted on some gnomes and elves but you could paint anything you like, just coat with some clear vanish to seal in. 

Broken pot with compost Fill with compost

So next for the construction - layer the bottom of the pot with compost, then use the chippings at the edge of the pot to seal the compost in, then approximately a third across build up more compost, push soil in firmly and then use chipping to hold in place. flatten off and then half way across start building up more with compost, then use your pebbles to stop the compost from falling forward. You should then be left with three platforms, which you can start to decorate. 

What could be hidden under ground? I thought our little brown hare, in his warren would be perfect. 

Miniature Harefairy patio

Then on the next layer of the tiered garden, I added a patio set, somewhere for our fairy to relax with a cup of tea.

On the final layer I have planted a spring primrose, added a fish pond, and our fairy dinky is delighted with her new garden. But our little brown hare had better be careful as there is a sly old fox just waiting for her to emerge. 

Fairy garden with foxFairy garden with fairy

Just to finish off I have covered soil with some more chippings and coloured moss. I have used some artificial grass, just to cover over, but I intend to scatter some wild flower seeds and watch what happens, will keep you updated.

Broken pot fairy garden

So you can see there really is no excuse not to make the most of your garden. Building projects like this will help the isolation period go much quicker and you'll have a lovely fairy garden all Summer.



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  • So pretty and a cool idea. My garden is full of more broken pots than I know what to do with! I’ll give this a go!

    Jenny on

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