Fairies beside the seaside

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Our fairy pebbles loves the seaside, so we have made him a special home where he can soak up the sun and play in the sand.

We have used a recycled crate, but if you wish to make an outdoor beach you could use a large plant pot.  

1. Line your crate with plastic and add some compost. Think of the type of plant that would suit a sandy soil, such as cacti. 


2.  Once you have planted your plants scatter some sand on the top we have used some children's play sand. For good effect we have scattered some shells we have collected from the beach. 


3 Next job is to choose your fairy a home. We have a varied chose of homes that suit a beach perfectly such as pebble rock house  £11.99 snail shell house, £8.99 or we have used sea shell house £27.99.

4. Then a fairy loves nothing better then lazing on a deck chair, building a sand castle, enjoying an icecream  and watching Punch and Judy, take a look at our seaside collection

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