Making a Hansel and Gretel garden

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Hansel and Gretel scene

Our new Gingerbread Cottage offers a brilliant opportunity to make a Hansel and Gretel scene with Christmassy overtones. The fairytale house traditionally made with sweets and candy comes with its own Christmas tree and frosty decoration. You can create a fantastic festive piece just in time for Christmas. 

To start your project, line your container with some compost; we have used an old fruit crate which we have varnished. To create the forest floor we have sprinkled on top of the compost a mixture of scatter grass and as it's a cold winter day a sprinkle of snow scenic to represent the frost. 

Scenics in wooden crate Pinecones

To build up the forest floor we have used some foraged pinecones. Using scenic spray glue we have added some snow scenic to the pinecones for a sparkly winter effect. You can add snow to other things to build up your Winter scene. Of course, a forest needs trees and we have used our pine trees set of three and our winter tree.

Spray glue Frosty pinecones

Now place the ginger bread house in your miniature forest and add Hansel and Gretel approaching the door. Our pixie boy and girl are the perfect size. You may want to add other characters from the story or add other elements such as logs, animals or a snowman.

Gingerbread house   Hansel and Gretel scene

This crafty project is a great way to keep the kids entertained now the nights are darker. And as an added bonus it would make a fantastic Christmas decoration and great stories could be made up around this scene to entertain children. 

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