Fairy Spring Baskets

Posted by Gaynor Wood on

Spring has just sprung so why not make the most of spring flowers such as miniature daffodils (narcissus), crocus, or primroses. 

We have used a selection of colourful baskets, which are quite readily available this time of year for collecting Easter eggs.



1.  Line the bottom of your basket, with some plastic and fill with compost. Plant your chosen  spring flowers.

2. Browse our scenic collection  you could add some yellow reindeer moss and green scatter grass which really compliments the spring colours of the baskets. We have put together a small spring basket kit,  which you can purchase from us with just the right amount of scenic products.  However, if you purchase any scenic separately there will be more than enough for other projects.  

3, Arrange some spring products such as rabbits, hens, chicks and a fairy of course, to complete your seasonal diorama.



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