Five ways to show your fairy a little love on Valentine's Day

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1. Make a Romantic fairy garden.

Fairy folk love a little romance why not make them a little love garden.

Miniature indoor roses are very popular this time of year, so why not plant one of these in your fairy garden.

In our example we have used a crate and painted it pink.

2. Make some pretty fairy cakes

Most children love making cakes and of course most fairies have a sweet tooth.

 This simple recipe is a classic and easy to make:


  • 4oz(110gram) butter or margarine  
  •  4oz(110gram) caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 4oz (110 gram) self raising flour
  • 8oz of icing sugar
  • 2oz butter or margarine
  • sweets to decorate

Cream together the butter and caster sugar, when white and fluffy add the eggs slowly stirring all the time.  Then fold in the flour. Add a large spoonful into paper cup cases should make eight. Enough for the family and the fairies.

When your cakes are cooling mix your topping, stirring the butter and icing sugar together. Top tip: make sure you have left the butter out of fridge for a while before mixing. When your cakes have cooled cut a deep circle from centre of cake and spoon your icing into the hole in the cake. Then cut the circle you have cut out into two and put either side of the icing, adding sweets to decorate. To give them that Valentines feel use some heart shaped jelly sweets. 

3. Have the children make a Valentine's Day card for your house fairy

So its time to get your crafty bits and bobs together and just let them have some fun. If you need to extend your selection we have a card craft set which includes eight sheets of silver or gold card with red jewelled hearts and fairy and unicorn sticker.

4. Plan a romantic dinner date for your fairies

Using a miniature table set the romantic scene for two of your fairies. For the extra special occasion you could adorn the table with a red table cloth (perhaps some felt you have in your craft box) Whether you go for the classic dinner for two or two lovely puddings, your fairies are sure to appreciate the effort.

Check out our collection tiny mouths to feed for inspiration.  Whilst everyone is sure to take great joy in this lovely thoughtful act, make sure the children give the little couple some time to enjoy their romantic date without being disturbed.

5. Purchase our special fairy Valentines Day Gift

This set includes a miniature valentine's card, the perfect size for a fairy to carry into their home, along with a mini bunch of flowers. The set also includes a heart made of real chocolate, which your fairy may have to keep away from sweet-toothed thieves. All presented together in a presentation box only available from finding fairies.



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