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Halloween crate

Fairies love this spooky time of year and I have made a Halloween crate for them to enjoy. It also happens to make a great talking-piece for a Halloween party. For an interesting take on a fairy house I bought a squash and found it a perfect fit for a fairy garden. I scooped out the centre and cut slits for the door and cut out a chunk for a window, which look brilliant when a light is placed inside.

Green tissue paperSquash and stuffing

The crate has been filled with stuffing and green tissue paper covers the top. Yellow reindeer moss looks good on top giving a splash of Autumn colour. Trees and other foliage have also been added to make the fairytale forest. Take a look at all our scenics and design your own landscape.

A fairy magic circle gives this crate a mystical feel. To make this, simply cut out a cardboard circle and cover with PVA glue (this drys clear) and scatter cork on the top, then stick a few small pebbles standing upright around the edge. The cork also works well to make an effective path. I cut a path out of cardboard and used the same technique as above.

Cardboard fairy circle and pathstep 2 how to make a fairy magic circleCork path and circle fairy gardenFairy magic circle and path

A black cat, a crate of pumpkins and a troll from our Halloween collection completes this scene. Once Halloween has gone all these products can be recycled into other fairy scenes apart from the squash of course. 

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