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Underground pixie project

You would be surprised what is going on underground in fairyland. Some pixies love anything bright and shiny and love digging up precious gems. Whilst above ground fairies love the sun and green grass. This project gives a little glimpse into this world.

Bottom of bowl

I have used two glass bowls one large and one medium, which we found in that well known Swedish store. To begin I spread some good pva glue around the bottom of the larger bowl and sprinkled black scenic on top to create the floor of the underground den. Then I added a few rainbow stones for some colour.

We glued some logs to the base of the bowl to make a log fire. The glue stops the scenics from sliding around when the diorama is moved as it will be tricky for non-pixies to get into this den later. We glued a feather to give the impression of a flame and stuck a kettle on top.

A pixie and a spade complete our scene but you could put anything in your diorama to make your den unique. You could add miniature furniture, food or anything you might find in a fairy garden.

Once you're satisfied with how your underground section looks, you need to add the overground section. Place the smaller bowl upside down inside the larger bowl and secure with tape. I've spread some black scenic around the edge where the two bowls meet to create the illusion of an earth ceiling. I then covered the rest of the top bowl with pva glue and stuck down shredded green paper to completely cover the top of the project, creating a mound of grass.

Top section

We stuck some flowers, animals and a fairy in the grass to create a beautiful above ground scene to contrast with the darker world below. You can add other animals and birds or other pretty scenics. The final touch is the gnome hatch, which provides the entrance to the den below, at least for the little pixies.

This glass creation is just one idea using bowls but other projects could use jars or a fish tank to create a similar effect. Have a go and see what you can come up with. And don't forget to share your photos with us.

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