How YOU can have a festive garden

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Snowy Christmas garden
You’ve seen them in movies, you’ve seen them in posh suburbs and at Santa’s grotto in town centres but YOU, yes you can have your own festive garden. Bring joy to friends and family this Christmas with a festive garden even if...
If there’s no snow
A great way to add Christmas to your plants is by adding festive decorations such as holly and poinsettias. Along with our ceramic frost resistant animals and fairy houses they can add magic to your flower beds. We also place our snowy decorations to fill up the spaces. They can be placed on the ground or hung from a Christmas tree so even if it’s not a white Christmas we’ve still got that spirit.
Festive garden
If you don’t have a lawn
Plant pots can form an equally great Christmas garden. We sell many miniatures that can be left out on chilly frosty nights including Santa and reindeer. Larger animals can be placed on the patio around the plants. And of course a real Christmas tree is the piece de resistance for a patio garden. We will bring you lots of ideas for decorating your tree in a future post.
Christmas plant pot garden
If you don’t have a back garden
Then why not make an indoor garden. In this post from last year we show how to make a mini festive garden that forms a great indoor decoration. Using real plants will give you the impression of a proper festive garden. Alternatively you could make an indoor fairy garden with our Christmas houses. We have used lots of different containers to make mini gardens for the house, from recycled sweet tins to up-cycled fruit crates.
Indoor festive garden
If you want to save the planet
You may want to avoid electric lights that waste power, especially outdoor lights that burn through energy and annoy the neighbours. Our festive garden features are often fantastic even without the lights but we also have battery operated light up houses. You can make a fantastic festive fairy garden using a combination of real plants that last through the winter, fake plants that will bring your garden to life, frost-resistant ceramics from our collections and scenics to add colour. Visitors will notice and compliment you on your garden without the big electricity bill.
Christmas fairy garden

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