Green fingered projects for Christmas

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It's quite fun to make a festive fairy garden and they also make an effective Christmas decoration. Real plants fit in perfectly with our ceramic garden features.          


For the larger red planter we have used a red berry plant (Gaultheria Procumbous) which looks very festive and matches the red tin perfectly.

Firstly, fill the bottom of tin with compost, take your plant and try in different positions until you are happy. If you leave the plant in it's pot, it will be easy to remove after Christmas and the Gaultheria Procumbous can be replanted in the garden for summer when it grows lovely white flowers. Once planted in the tin, fill the remainder with compost, covering all the plant pot. Cover the compost with some fake snow to create a winter scene. 


It's then ready to decorate with your favourite fairy products. Take a look at our suggested pack:  Potted Festive Garden .


For our smaller planter, we have used a hyacinth, which has been cultivated especially to bloom at Christmas, and are readily available at this time of year. When in bloom, they give off a beautiful strong fragrance and have clusters of pretty star shaped flowers.  Put compost in the bottom of your planter and position the hyacinth bulb to sit just above the surface. It's appearance and fragrant smell will certainly draw your Christmas guest's attention. 

Cover the rest of the compost with fake snow before adding your fairy garden accessories. We have added a small fairy, robin bird bath and a little black cat. Get started by purchasing our Mini Festive Garden which includes a planter of your choice and snow. 

Please be warned that hyacinth bulbs are poisonous if eaten so keep away from small children and pets. 

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