Indoor Spring fairy Garden

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Easter crate

With the evenings still dark this small project is sure to cheer you up and remind you that spring is just around the corner.  

I have converted a small wooden crate, saved from Christmas, which was previously filled with tangerines.  I confess I am a bit of a hoarder, always thinking of how I can reuse something. But If you have nothing similar try checking with your local green grocer this is the kind of thing they throw away everyday and are usually only too pleased to see their rubbish being recycled.  

Empty crate painting crate empty crate

My first job is to paint my crate and I have chosen a sunny yellow colour which I think represents Spring beautifully. If you are a good artist you could paint on some bunnies and flowers free hand,  however I am not that confident in my artist skills so I have used some stencils.

Gold bunny Dark bunny on gold Decorated crate

There are now plenty of Spring flowers to be found in the shops. For this project I have used mini daffodils and primroses but you could use any spring flowers, such as hyacinths which would fill your room with a beautiful scent. 

Daffodils Compost in crate Daffodils in spring crate

Line your crate with plastic, and then fill with compost. Next its time to choose your favourite fairy products, I have used a light up watering can home, a mini fairy and animals associated with new life in spring  - lambs, chicks and rabbits. I would then experiment placing your flowers and products on to the compost until you are happy with the composition. 

Spring easter crate Fairy house garden crate Fairy crate garden

Plant in your flowers, place on your products. Adding some scenic such as scatter grass would give it even more colour. This creation looks really attractive on a window-sill  or even as a table centre and is the perfect reminder on a dark and dismal day that Spring is on the way.

Spring fairy garden


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