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During this very strange time we are all looking for ways to keep busy and stay healthy whilst confined to our homes. I think it is the perfect opportunity to work on my garden. My grownup daughter and my young nephew love gardening too and we are all individually making our gardens beautiful.  

Daffodils Daffodil garden with poppy house Poppy house

Looking around my garden at where to start, the daffodils are in full bloom but looking a little leggy. Lucky enough I have plenty of fairy garden products to hand. The beautiful Poppy house and Poppy fairy fill the gap wonderfully under the shadow of the daffodils. But as I know the daffodils will soon be dying back, I have scattered some wild seeds on the bare soil around my fairy home. I covered them with a thin layer soil and watered them in, thinking to myself that they are going to make a great attraction for the bees and butterflies in the future, which I love to see in my garden.

Seeds packet Seeds sewn Watering in the seeds

My handsome great-nephew planted his own flowers at my nieces house. He can check on the progress of how his seeds grow over the Spring and Summer, but waiting for the results can be a little slow so a little instant gratification is needed. My niece has had a few plants delivered from her local garden centre. He was very excited to plant them himself wearing his gardening gloves. For once, it didn't matter if he got dirty. Of course, he had to get straight in the bath afterwards but at least playing in the garden, he didn't have to worry about germs.


I have a rockery in my garden with fairy houses and miniatures. Some of the plants are starting to come through already and I can't wait until the Summer. But not everyone has a large garden like mine. My daughter just has a small patio but like me she has the gardening bug.

Compost filled pot Bee visitor Planted scabiosa

To make a fairy garden in a pot is a great idea especially if you have little space. I chose a Scabiosa plant as they attract bees and sure enough as soon as I had popped it in, a bee appeared right on cue. I also used a Heuchera plant for its unusual colours. I wanted my fairy garden to look very naturalistic so I have added some carved animals - a little chirpy bird and cheeky squirrel. We have plenty of animals available on our site. Check out our animal collection. 

Fairy door in garden     Animals in fairy garden

One of my favourite things about having a garden is watching the wildlife. We are so lucky that we are often visited by birds, butterflies and bees. But my children were always interested in some less valued but equally wonderful visitors. In my garden, you need only to lift up a stone or a discarded pot to find plenty of different bugs. I found beetles, wood louse and the gardeners favourite, earth worms. As worms are famously good for your garden as they eat all decaying plant materials, I picked mine up and popped them in my pot I had ready for planting. 


There are many great lessons for young children in the garden. My nephew is keeping a diary in the form of a scrap book. It shows how his garden is growing and how many bees or butterflies or different birds have visited. Chris Packham would be proud.

I will keep you updated on the progress of mine, and I would love it if you could share some of your garden projects on my community blog. Send an email to woodg2006@aol.com with your blog post and it could soon be featured here.

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