Fairy Spotting

Posted by Gaynor Wood on

I'm really lucky that where I live there is a lovely area of natural beauty where I can walk. During this time of self-isolation it's really important to still get exercise and fresh air whilst also avoiding crowded spaces and busy walkways.

Fortunately for me, fairies who are notoriously shy, love quiet and calm beautiful places so a spot of fairy spotting, in a peaceful tranquil spot is just the right activity for passing the time whilst having to self-isolate. You could say it really hits the spot. (see what I did there?)

Yesterday, I went off along one of my favourite walks and with my camera phone in hand, I took some snaps of all the views I saw that made me smile. Now, it's important to say that we shouldn't be making unnecessary journeys at this time and we shouldn't be travelling to beauty spots in other communities in case we spread the virus or make it difficult for locals to use their recreational areas without fear of meeting large crowds. However, if there's a local beauty spot by you that's relatively free of crowds, it's a great time to take the family for a nature walk.

But how do you get kids to be interested in a quiet walk outside without the prospect of a playground or an ice-cream stall? With a fairy-spotting adventure. I'd love to see what pictures you can take if you can do so safely. Send them to us via social media.


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