Build your own Santa's Workshop

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Santa's workshop diorama

You can buy this kit for £49.99 from our crafty kits collection. Here's how to put it together;

Step 1: Choose a base for your diorama such as a box or crate

Step 2: Assemble your flat-pack wooden workshop and glue to secure.

Wooden flatpack workshop or stall

Step 3: Place your built workshop into your base to help you plan your floor space.

Step 4: Line your base with snow and wallpaper. One half will be outside the workshop and one half will be the inside floor.

 Base of the Santa's workshop diorama

Step 5: Tac or glue the miniature toys onto the shelves and worktop. Using tac allows you to move items around with ease and reuse again.

Step 6: Carefully position your workshop on the inside half of your base so that the snow is outside the workshop.

Step 7: Place Santa, Mrs Claus and Elves into your workshop. You can arrange all your pieces however you like. There's plenty of other Christmas additions in our collection you can add to your scene.

Inside Santa's worshop

Step 8: We recommend adding a door between the outside and inside. You can purchase one separately or make your own.

Step 9: Cover the roof of the workshop with some snow

Snow-covered workshop  

Step 10: Finally, we recommend a sleigh and a Christmas tree for outside your workshop. Alternatively you could add a reindeer or a snowman.

Christmas project build your own Santa workshop


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